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Назначение - комбинированная выработка электроэнергии и тепла для обеспечения потребителей Московского региона. Филиал АО «ТЭК Мосэнерго» - «Мосэнергопроект» выступил генеральным проектировщиком, выполнив весь комплекс проектно-изыскательских работ

Состав основного оборудования ПГУ-420Т:
  • Газовая турбина SGT5-4000F (Siemens)
  • Генератор газовой турбины TLRI SGen5-1000A (Siemens)
  • Паровая турбина SST5-5000 (Siemens)
  • Генератор паровой турбины TLRI SGen5-100A-2P (Siemens)
  • Котел-утилизатор
    Еп-264/297/43-13,0/3,0/0,47-558/558/297-11,6вв (ОАО «ЭМАльянс»)
  • Вентиляторная градирня ID 23000-181-6-170 (SPIG)
Мощность энергоблока ПГУ-420Т:
  • электрическая - 420 МВт
  • тепловая - 195 Гкал/ч


Mosenergoproekt offers enterprises, organizations, and private customers to conduct geological, geodetic, and environmental surveys, as well as the development of design and project documentation necessary for engineering and construction works, putting into operation, or elimination of construction objects and engineering systems, registration with the State Cadastral Chamberin carrying out operations with real estate.

Engineering-geodetic surveys:

  • instrumental and geodetic monitoring of sediments of building foundations, earthworks, and rock strata, including performing local monitoring of hazardous natural and man-made processes;
  • satellite geodetic survey of coordinates determination;
  • stakeout and engineering survey points location;
  • linear facilities desktop study and field location work;
  • geodetic survey of facades, measuring, and location survey, including using laser scanning;
  • development of executive documentation.

All surveys are conducted on high-precision up-to-date equipment; the results of the surveys are provided in a specialized electronic program form.

Engineering-geological surveys (at the stage of design project preparation and construction and installation work):

  • well drilling with subsequent laboratory testing of soils;
  • static probing;
  • pressuremeter test;
  • static plate load test both in wells and in trenches;
  • submission of reports in accordance with Russian and international standards.
Engineering-ecological surveys:
  • excavation for obtaining environmental information;
  • ecological and hydrogeological surveys, geoecological testing, and assessment of air, soil, ground, surface, and groundwater pollution;
  • laboratory chemical-analytical surveys, research, and assessment of radiation situation;
  • gas geochemical surveys;
  • research and evaluation of physical impacts;
  • survey of flora and fauna, stationary observations (environmental monitoring).

We provide the reporting documentation for all types of surveys for the preparation of the initial design, investment, and urban planning documentation, as well as for carrying out the surveys required at certain stages of various construction works.