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Назначение - комбинированная выработка электроэнергии и тепла для обеспечения потребителей Московского региона. Филиал АО «ТЭК Мосэнерго» - «Мосэнергопроект» выступил генеральным проектировщиком, выполнив весь комплекс проектно-изыскательских работ

Состав основного оборудования ПГУ-420Т:
  • Газовая турбина SGT5-4000F (Siemens)
  • Генератор газовой турбины TLRI SGen5-1000A (Siemens)
  • Паровая турбина SST5-5000 (Siemens)
  • Генератор паровой турбины TLRI SGen5-100A-2P (Siemens)
  • Котел-утилизатор
    Еп-264/297/43-13,0/3,0/0,47-558/558/297-11,6вв (ОАО «ЭМАльянс»)
  • Вентиляторная градирня ID 23000-181-6-170 (SPIG)
Мощность энергоблока ПГУ-420Т:
  • электрическая - 420 МВт
  • тепловая - 195 Гкал/ч

Work in a team

We are striving to create not just a team of employees, but a team of like-minded people who together meet the challenges set and provide each other with support and mutual assistance. Therefore, much attention is paid to internal communications in our company.

The Power industry 

is a dynamically developing industry, which requires constant replenishment of knowledge of new production technologies and skills of working with up-to-date software for design and engineering work.

Career development

The company provides career development to employees who are interested in self-education and upgrading of their work skills. The company’s main goal is leadership in the global thermal power market.

Employee benefits

We care about the well-being and health of our employees. The company provides its employees with voluntary health insurance and a package of mandatory social obligations.


Our company pays considerable attention to improving its staff skills; it is necessary to be daily updated on the latest innovations on the modernization and technical equipment of the world's heat and power complex. Our employees not only use the world's best practices, but also can offer their own unique technical innovations.


Specialists who want to realize their professional knowledge and experience and discover their creative potential are always welcome. Join our team!

Our employees talk about MEP

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Belyaev

Head of Department of Thermal Engineering Group

I am proud that the technical decisions I made in projects when working in MEP LLC are realized as various technically complex generation facilities.
Yury Nikolaevich Lebedev

Chief Specialist of the Construction Department

We have a big and friendly team. There is a wide range of tasks, which provides an invaluable contribution to the development of professional skills.
Aleksandr Alekseevich Andreev

Chief Specialist of Technical Department

MEP is a place where you realize your responsibility and involvement in the great and important work of serving your Motherland and strengthening its energy potential for the benefit of all citizens of our country.
Aleksey Mikhaylovich Zenkovich

Chief Project Engineer

The employees of this company are professionals with whom it is interesting to interact. I like to design and the fact that the company is constantly evolving.